Replace Worn Hoses With Custom Hydraulic Hose

If you experience a lot of failures in your hydraulic system or if you realize that you’re replacing hydraulic hose assemblies a lot more frequently than you should, then you might need custom hydraulic hose services. It’s not as serious or expensive as it sounds, but many industries benefit greatly when then decide to replace worn hosts with a custom hydraulic hose in Fall River. Custom hoses can help to overcome manufacturing defects in the arrangement of the hose and other equipment at the job site. Hose materials can be upgraded to a more suitable option, such as high or low-pressure materials, depending on your needs. Not sure what you should get? Contact our team to consult with one of our technicians about the best options for custom hydraulic hose assemblies.

Proper Hose Requirements

There are many different types of hydraulic hose that can be used with modern equipment. The typical hydraulic hose is made of three separate layers, an inner layer that is responsible for conveying the hydraulic fluid; a middle layer that provides strength and stability to the entire operation; and an outer layer, which is designed to protect the hose from external issues, such as corrosive, chemical, moisture, and abrasive situations. While the equipment you purchased might have suggested you use a particular type of hose material due to the anticipated use of the machinery, any changes that you make in the average pressure being used, the fluid, or the environment in which you use it could impact the integrity of hydraulic hose assemblies and cause them to wear out more frequently.

Your hoses also need to be the proper length and diameter to prevent abrasions and other issues from occurring. A hose that is too long can cause just as many issues as a hose that is too short. Make sure that the hoses are able to mount properly on the machinery according to the manufacturer’s recommendations without having to make any workarounds or accommodations. The dangers of using the wrong custom hydraulic hose in Fall River are real. Not only could it pose a health hazard to the operator and other employees working in the area, but it could also cause damage to the equipment, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost machinery and many hours of downtime while it is being repaired or replaced.

Proper Hose Connections

Another area where many companies fail is by not making sure that the connectors are the right type for the hydraulic hose assemblies. The hose should be able to connect properly to the hydraulic system to ensure that no physical damage occurs to any of the components. Some areas to check before installing new custom hydraulic hose services are the ends of the hydraulic hose itself, to ensure that both ends are clean inside and out to prevent inserting contaminants into the system. New seals should be lubricated and checked to ensure that they are installed properly.

Any fittings that are used to replace worn hoses should also be checked to make sure they are not over-tightened, which could cause the connectors to wear out faster and ultimately fail. The proper fittings that are recommended by the manufacturer should always be used unless they are proven not to work effectively. In that case, consult with the manufacturer or an expert technician who works with hydraulic hose assemblies for advice. Any crimped hose that is used in custom hydraulic hose services should also be checked to ensure that they are tightly connected to the fitting and that they are being used correctly.

What We Do

At Metro Industrial & Marine Supply, we specialize in providing our customers with custom hydraulic hose assemblies. We have the unique ability to create custom made-to-order hoses, unlike any other supplier in the Southcoast area. Our team of highly trained and skilled technicians can offer up 2″ 1-6 wire hydraulic hoses, depending on the specifications and requirements of our customers. We can even offer same day service on most of our custom hoses and have filled orders on a “while you wait” basis to replace worn hoses or failed hoses on an emergency basis.

Our team retains a large selection of foreign adapters in stock. This includes British, metric, and JIS to ensure custom hydraulic hose services for everyone who comes into our shop. We provide a wide range of industrial and hydraulic hose couplings and adapters, including air, water, and oil suction, as well as discharge hose to best meet the needs of our customers. Our hydraulic hose assemblies can be made from a variety of different custom hose materials, ranging from 1/4 ” ID to 2″ ID. We can also do ultra-high pressure and low pressure, crimp fittings, four spiral, and just about anything else you might need. Ask about our options for steel, brass, stainless steel, and other specialty items.

Give us a call at 508-996-8400 and speak with one of our technicians about your needs. We can help you solve your hydraulic machinery and equipment problems with our top quality custom hydraulic hose services. Call today or stop by our store located on Coggeshall Street in New Bedford, MA.