Prevent Dangerous Failures: Properly Install Hydraulic Hoses

install hydraulic hoses in fall riverJust like anything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way to install hydraulic hoses for your industrial equipment. While there are many different types of hydraulic hose assemblies with unique materials, pressure and temperature ratings, fittings, and other components, the basics for installing custom hydraulic hose in Fall River are the same. Certain preventive measures can be used to prevent early failure caused by improper installation. If you require new hydraulic hose assemblies for your hydraulic machinery or equipment, make sure to visit Metro Industrial & Marine Supply where we can make custom hoses while you wait for most orders placed with our technicians.

Choose a Good Length

In some situations, it is possible to further improve on the original design of the machinery by making smart choices when you install hydraulic hoses. The hoses are designed to be flexible, allowing for some degree of motion between the components at either end of the assembly. This also helps to make it easier when it comes to routing and installation, rather than having to deal with a rigid tube or pipe. The hose can bend and be routed over, under, around, and through. To prevent excessive strain, make sure that the length of the hose allows for proper contraction, expansion, and movement, based on the type of machinery that you are using. You don’t want too much movement, but there needs to be just enough that it won’t contract so much that it pulls apart from the hose-to-coupling interface.

Watch the bends that you make with a custom hydraulic hose in Fall River. While the manufacturer may state that the hose can be bent to a certain radius or there is an understanding that the hose will withstand a bend that is tighter than industry standard requirements, don’t push it. Instead, choose to install hydraulic hoses that are slightly longer to avoid bending it to such a tight radius. Many manufacturers state that the average hose will elongate by as much as two percent when under pressure, but can contract even further, by up to four percent. If you aren’t careful about the size you get for your hose, the difference could place undue strain on the reinforcement wires and lead to failure. Cutting hoses slightly longer can help to compensate for the contraction percentage difference.

Avoid Multiple Bends and Twists

Another way to increase the life of your hydraulic hose assemblies is to ensure that the hose is only bent in one single plane. This will help to avoid twists and prevent damage to the wire reinforcement layer. Twisted reinforcement can reduce the capability of the hose under pressure, reducing service life by as much as 90 percent, depending on the degree of the twist. Avoid multi-plane bending whenever you can, but if the machinery requires a double-plane bend for some reason, consider using a hose clamp between the bends to prevent extra strain on the reinforcement layer. Of course, this is not a sure solution for every situation, so it is best to seek advice from a hydraulics expert or direct from the manufacturer.

In addition to reducing the capability of the custom hydraulic hose in Fall River, bends and twists can also lead to abrasion. This is another well-known cause of hose failures. If the hose rubs against anything, including itself or another hose, it can reduce its lifespan considerably. Make sure that nothing is touching or rubbing when you install hydraulic hoses. Even a slight touch against the machinery or other equipment can cause damage. Abrasion-resistant covers and sleeves can provide extra protection if this cannot be avoided, but attempt to reduce abrasion at all costs first. Abrasive particles in the air and surrounding the equipment can also lead to failure of hydraulic hose assemblies, so make sure to learn all you can about how, where, and when the equipment will be used when ordering replacement hoses.

Metro Industrial & Marine Supply

If you do need to replace your custom hydraulic hose assemblies, remember that you can get same-day service with hoses while you wait at Metro Industrial & Marine Supply in New Bedford, MA. We proudly serve the Greater Fall River and Southcoast area, as well as customers all across the country and around the globe. We keep a large selection of foreign adapters in stock, including metric, British, and JIS, in addition to our domestic hose couplings and adapters. Our technicians can create custom hydraulic hose in Fall River from 1/4″ ID to 2″ ID, four spiral, ultra-high pressure, low pressure, crimp fittings, steel, brass, stainless steel, and US or metric ends. Call today at 508-996-8400 or use our “Build A Hose” page on our website to get started.