Industrial Hydraulic Hose Supplies

The use of hydraulics spans across many different industries. It is a very widely used source of power for equipment and machinery right here in the Greater Fall River area. The principle behind hydraulic energy is quite simple; a force is applied a specific point and transmitted as energy to another point through an incompressible fluid. The fluid that is used can vary, depending on the unique requirements of the machinery. Hydraulic hoses for industry are designed to work with the particular fluid and its inherent qualities, whether it is an oil or a similar type of synthetic fluid.

The Automotive Industry

While most people instantly think of big factories with heavy-duty machines when talking about the industries that use hydraulics, the truth is that the automotive industry is one of the largest users of hydraulics on the planet. They are used in a number of ways both by auto manufacturers and by end users. Manufacturers utilize machinery in the factories to create the vehicles in the first place. On the other end of the spectrum, auto repair shops also use hydraulics in the form of car lifts and specialized mechanics equipment to keep the vehicles in proper running order. There is also hydraulics involved in the use of the cars themselves, such as hydraulic motors, hydraulic brakes, and hydraulic pumps.

The Construction Industry

While there are other industries that use Fall River hydraulic hose assemblies, the construction industry also uses it extensively for their heavy-duty equipment. From bulldozers to backhoes, just about every construction site in the United States has at least several different types of hydraulic equipment in use. Industrial hydraulic hose supplies are essential to ensure that this high-value equipment is able to perform effectively and efficiently to get the job done. Safety issues regarding hydraulic hoses for industry in the workplace demand that regular inspections and replacement of custom hoses in Fall River are performed. Excavators, jackhammers, and a wide range of small and large machines all rely on Fall River hydraulic hose assemblies for safe and effective operation.

The Marine Industry

Large ocean-going vessels rely heavily on hydraulic equipment in their day-to-day operations. Industrial hydraulic hose supplies are just some of the products that we offer to our customers at Metro Industrial & Marine Supply. Hydraulics are the “secret weapon” that allow large vessels to turn easily in the water. Even smaller craft use hydraulics to some degree to operate all of the machinery required to steer and effectively operate the vessel. On the shore, a lot of equipment relies on Fall River hydraulic hose assemblies to function, helping to load and unload cargo, passengers, and other essential items from big ships. A quick trip to the marina will provide you with an inside look at many ways that hydraulics are used in the marine industry.

The Aerospace Industry

Aviation is a field that regularly depends on hydraulic machinery in a number of ways. Hydraulics provide the power for the gear that is used in take-offs and landings at the airport. It is also used at the airport for powering the machinery that is used to inspect and perform repairs on airplanes, load luggage and supplies into planes, and power those moving staircases that are sometimes used for boarding purposes. Basic aircraft systems also rely on hydraulic hoses for industry, such as employing the flaps and using the brakes. Some systems are very lightweight to reduce the amount of weight in the aircraft, while others are more heavy-duty and are designed to be used on the ground.

Custom Hoses in Fall River

Regardless of the industry that you serve, you can get all of the industrial hydraulic hose supplies and services you require to get the job done. We have a large supply of hydraulic hoses, connectors, and accessories necessary to create custom hydraulic hoses for industry on demand. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can offer up to 2″ 1-6 wire hydraulic hoses, and we go above and beyond to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. As about our same day or while-you-wait services that can help you reduce downtime and get your Fall River hydraulic hose assemblies and equipment back up and running. Give us a call at 508-996-8400 or stop by our location on Coggeshall Street in New Bedford, MA.