How to Order Custom Hydraulic Hose Assemblies in Fall River

custom hydraulic hose ordersThe construction and performance of hydraulic hoses are covered by various standards, both domestically and internationally. Most of the materials sold at our hydraulic hose shop in Fall River conform to SAE standards, which provide general, dimensional, and performance specifications for all of the hoses that are most commonly used in hydraulic systems. Other standards that can be used include ISO, BSI, DIN, API, and CETOP. Custom hydraulic hose assemblies can help manufacturers and end users get top quality Fall River hydraulic hoses that will yield excellent results and increase life expectancy for the materials. Safe replacement of hydraulic hoses is essential for the industries that depend on hydraulic equipment and machinery for their livelihood.

How SAE Standards Are Set

Many of the standards that are used for hydraulic hose come from industry demands that are driven by manufacturing advances and requirements. For example, most are based on the design, construction, and pressure ratings required by hydraulic equipment to ensure that the hoses will be able to meet the minimum standards. SAE has established minimum pressure ratings for most of these conventional hoses, including R13, R15, R17, and R19, just to name a few. SAE standards are based on the technique used in construction, as well as the material used to make the hydraulic hose itself.

When choosing custom hydraulic hose assemblies that are best for your needs, make sure to remember the STAMP criteria, which stands for Size, Temperature, Application, Media, and Pressure. Depending on the needs of your equipment with regard to temperature, the type of fluid that will be used, and the level of pressure, you might require a different type of hose construction to provide the best solution. Make sure to discuss all of your needs and have information about the hydraulic equipment that you are providing safe replacement of hydraulic hoses for when you come to Metro Industrial & Marine Supply. We can help you with a wide range of hoses when you visit our hydraulic hose shop in Fall River.

Standard and Exotic Hydraulic Hoses

In most situations, the majority of hydraulic machinery will require a standard one-wire or two-wire hose. However, if extreme pressure conditions or exotic fluids are required, you will need a more custom solution. One-wire hose falls under the standard 100R1 category, while two-wire hose falls under 100R2. To give you an idea of the range that can come into play here for more unconventional situations, this standard can range from 100R1 all the way through 100R19. It is well-known in the industry that most manufacturers design their hoses to far exceed these basic SAE standards, but when it comes to the safety of your employees and the security of your machinery, it is best to not take that into consideration when choosing the best custom hydraulic hose assemblies for your equipment.

SAE dimensional and performance standards for hydraulic hose include specifics such as the type of fluids that are compatible with the rated type of materials for the safe replacement of hydraulic hoses. It also includes a temperature range, ID (inner dimension) range, maximum operating pressure (psi), proof pressure range (psi), minimum burst pressure range (psi), and minimum bend radius in inches. In addition to exceeding the minimum standards set forth by SAE, many manufacturers will also exceed the additional performance certifications required by ISO to provide long-lasting, durable, and high-performing materials to their customers.

ISO Performance Definitions

Today, it is more common to see manufacturers at a hydraulic hose shop in Fall River adopting ISO 18752 specifications than SAE standards for more of a global acceptance. Much simpler than the far-reaching SAE standards, ISO specifications fit into four grades based on temperature, impulse pressure, and the minimum number of cycles that the hose must meet a specified temperature and impulse pressure. Each grade is separated into two classification standard types. Grade A includes AS (A standard) and AC (A compact), the same with Grade B (BS and BC), and Grade C (CS and CC). Grade D does not have a standard type but does feature a compact classification of DC.

If you are ready to order custom hydraulic hose assemblies in the Southcoast area, make sure to visit our New Bedford store to get a top quality safe replacement hydraulic hoses. Our Fall River hydraulic hoses are used by a wide range of business owners covering multiple industries in the local region. We also sell to customers outside of the New England area, both across the country and around the globe. Give us a call at 508-996-8400 to speak with one of our technicians about your needs for custom hydraulic hoses at our hydraulic hose shop near Fall River, MA.