Top Benefits in Fall River of Custom Hydraulic Hose Services

When most people talk about custom hydraulic hose services, they aren’t talking just about the hose itself. A hydraulic hose can come in a lot of different sizes and varieties to best suit the needs of the machinery on which it will be used. Choose from an array of high-pressure or low-pressure options, including synthetic rubber, thermoplastic materials, and Teflon-reinforced hose to match the requirements of the equipment. The hose is used to carry fluid within the hydraulic system to transmit a force for the hydraulic machinery, so getting the right Fall River hydraulic hoses is very important.

However, another significant component of the hydraulic hose assembly is the fittings or couplings that are used to connect the hose properly. Without the right type of connectors, the machinery won’t work effectively or efficiently to provide the desired result. Custom hydraulic hose services are often needed to ensure that the right hose materials, couplings, and fittings are used to meet industry needs. Our hydraulic hose shop near Fall River provides our customers with top quality services designed to exceed their expectations.

Hydraulic Hose Basics

A typical hydraulic hose is made of three primary parts. The innermost part is the tube that actually carries the fluid, which can be oil, specialized hydraulic fluid or other products, depending on the machinery. This inner portion is reinforced with a layer of braided wire, textile-based yarn, or spiral-wound wire to provide stability and strength during operation. The third and final layer is known as the protective outer layer. It is designed to provide extra protection from the environment in which the hydraulic equipment will be used, which means being able to stand up to extreme temperatures – either hot or cold and abrasive situations.

The protective layer is also designed to protect from the type of fluid that is used within the hydraulic system. Exposure to oil, chemicals, and other external issues can cause hoses to break down and require replacement earlier than they should. This results in costly downtime and increases the risk for serious injury to the operator or damage to the equipment. In most situations, the hydraulic hose also needs to be designed to a specific size or diameter and is available in a variety of lengths and uses custom connectors to work with specific types of machinery and equipment.

Reasons to Get Custom Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

At Metro Industrial & Marine Supply, we specialize in creating custom hydraulic hose services for our customers. We can create custom made-to-order and “while you wait” hydraulic hose assembly orders above and beyond what any other industrial supply company in the area can provide. We can offer up to 2″ 1-6 wire hydraulic hoses, depending on the customer’s specifications. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to meet or exceed expectations to high-quality work and quick turnarounds to ensure that our customers have the Fall River hydraulic hoses and connectors that they need to get back to work.

Ultra-high pressure, high-pressure, medium-pressure, and low-pressure options are available. In addition to traditional hydraulic hose assembly products, we can also offer hoses designed for air, water, and oil suction, as well as discharge hose. Whether you require US or metric, stainless steel, brass, steel or crimp fittings, our team can provide the quality products you need. We sell to a wide range of industries throughout the Southcoast region, including agriculture, marine, manufacturing, automotive, medical, oil and gas, power tools, metal production, printing machines, and much more.

Custom Hose Ratings and Connections

When you contact our team to deliver custom hydraulic hose services for your business, make sure to provide us with all of the ratings and requirements according to the owner’s manual of the equipment or machinery that you need to operate. Custom solutions are sometimes the best way to ensure a proper fit, especially if you have older machinery, brand new machinery, or an off-brand of equipment that is sometimes difficult to find parts for at other industrial supply shops. There are many benefits associated with using custom hydraulic hose assembly services, so make sure to visit our hydraulic hose shop in the Fall River area for best results.

Give us a call at 508-996-8400 to speak with one of our technicians about your needs for Greater Fall River hydraulic hoses and hydraulic hose assembly services. We can answer any questions that you might have about our custom hydraulic hose services or provide you with information that you can use to help place an accurate order.