Signs That You Need to Get Custom Hydraulic Hose in Fall River

It cannot be stressed enough that the proper hose and fitting is required to ensure safe and efficient operation of hydraulic systems and machinery. While it would be great to just walk into a store and grab a pack of hose in a certain size and walk out knowing that you have the perfect solution, it is really rare for that to happen. Other factors, such as the type of fluid that is being used, the volume of work that the machinery does, and the environment in which it is operated can all impact the requirements for custom hydraulic hose in Fall River and the surrounding area. If you already know the custom assembly information for your system, you can order custom hoses in Fall River at Metro Industrial or stop into our New Bedford shop to get custom hoses while you wait.

Frequent Hydraulic Hose Failure

One thing that you need to know about quality American hose and hydraulic safety is that if you continue to use the wrong hose assembly or if anything is off about the specifications, you will experience frequent failures. Hydraulic hose failure is extremely dangerous, not just for the equipment, which can be seriously damaged as a result, but also for the operator and any other employees, visitors, or passersby in the general area of the failure. Every hose is made up of a tube, reinforcement layer, and an outer cover. Each component within the hose itself must be compatible with the fluid or media that flows through the hose. If it is not compatible, it will fail, causing damage and wreaking havoc in its wake.

Every hose that you use within your hydraulic system should be made for the specific application and the media that flows through it. Hydraulic hoses are designed to support a variety of materials, so the more you know about your system, the better your results will ultimately be. The material that the hose is made from needs to be chosen based on the hydraulic fluid or product that is being used. Then the fittings also need to be compatible with the fluid. If any part of this combination is not compatible with the fluid that is being used, you will run the risk of hose failure. Hose failure is when there is a leak present, which can include a tiny pinhole leak or a complete blowout where the end of the hose comes off during operation. Sometimes leaks can be caught early, but other times they can stay hidden until they become a big problem.

How Leaks Can Stay Hidden

Regular checks of your hoses, connectors, and equipment are necessary to the ongoing safety of your workplace. If you need to change out your custom hydraulic hose in Fall River and the surrounding area, you can get hoses while you wait at Metro Industrial. We have an abundant supply of hydraulic hoses, assemblies, and replacement parts at our industrial supply and services shop in New Bedford. However, it is not always easy to spot a leak even if you are very familiar with the equipment and know what to look for during an inspection. Keeping track of inspections, replacements, and other repairs that are made in a journal for each piece of equipment can be a big help. Not only will it help you remember the size and type of parts you need when you order custom hoses in Fall River, but it will help you stay on top of preventive work.

If there is a leak inside of the hose and the fluid cannot be contained within the tube, you might notice a slight swelling of the hose. Because the reinforcement layer provides strength to the American hose and hydraulic safety requirements, the tube could also swell inward. If this is the case, the tube I.D. would be reduced, and the velocity of the media or fluid itself would increase. This creates a very dangerous situation with pretty much no exterior visual signs. The resulting failure could be a blowout of the hose or connectors at the end of the hose. It could also simply be revealed as a system failure where the hydraulics stop performing as they should. It is critical to ensure that fluids, components, and environment are all considered when creating a custom hydraulic hose assembly.

Contact Metro Industrial to Order Custom Hoses in Fall River

If you are in need of custom hydraulic hose assemblies or require custom hoses while you wait from our New Bedford shop, make sure to contact our team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced technicians right away. We specialize in custom hydraulic hoses and have the capacity to custom make assemblies unlike any other supplier in the local area. Our team can offer hydraulic hose assemblies while you wait, ranging from 1/4″ ID to 2″ ID, 1-6 wire, four spiral, ultra high-pressure, low pressure, crimp fittings, and US or metric ends. We can provide fittings in either brass, steel or stainless steel, depending on your needs. Give us a call at 508-996-8400 to speak with a technician or to place an order for custom hydraulic hose in Fall River and the surrounding Southcoast area.