Fall River Industrial Supply: Different Types of Roller Bearings

Industrial Roller Bearings Fall RiverMany different industries count on the use of bearings, in particular, heavy-duty bearings and roller bearings. Companies that require hard-to-find or odd-sized ball bearings in Fall River can find what they need at Metro Industrial & Marine Supply in New Bedford. We are proud to provide local Fall River industrial supply and services to our customers in the local area. Send us your bearings measurements. If we don’t have it in stock, we will get it for you. Our goal is to provide our customers will be parts and components they need as quickly as possible. We even offer custom hydraulic hose services, which can be supplied either as same day service or while you wait.

What are Roller Bearings?

While most people think of the term ball bearings in Fall River, roller bearings are very similar, yet fundamentally different. The primary difference is described in the name, whereas ball bearings use balls to separate the inner and outer ring of the bearing and roller bearings use rollers. The design and structure of both roller bearings and ball bearings are very similar in spite of this basic difference. The primary reason why rollers would be used instead of balls is to provide higher performance. Rollers are considered heavy-duty bearings because they are designed to reduce the rotational friction and carry a high axial and high radial load.

All bearings available for Fall River industrial supply use two rings, which include an inner and an outer ring. Cylindrical rollers are used to separate the rings in roller bearings instead of balls, which are used in basic ball bearings in Fall River. There are many different types of ball bearings which are also available in roller bearings, depending on the application. Heavy-duty bearings are used in industrial situations, where a more significant load is required, and more friction needs to be accommodated. Each type of bearing will provide different advantages, depending on the needs of the customer.

How Roller Bearings are Used

The different types and sizes of roller bearings can offer specific benefits, such as increased speed, performance, load capacity, and durability. They are in demand by many different industries and are used in a wide variety of devices. Some examples of places where heavy-duty bearings are used include the automobile industry, agriculture industry, and for heavy equipment and machinery. Roller bearings and ball bearings in Fall River are also used in the design of medical equipment, solar panels, aviation cargo systems, and engines.

There are thousands of different types of bearings available for Fall River industrial supply, depending on the application. Metro Industrial & Marine Supply provides bearings from top brands including IPTCI Bearings, IKO, RBC Bearings, and New Departure Hyatt. In fact, we have one of the largest New Departure Hyatt (NDH) resource libraries in the United States. Our team is very proficient in interpreting and interchanging NDH nomenclature to the available brands. We are authorized to sell a wide variety of roller bearings and heavy-duty bearings from both domestic and international manufacturers.

Popular Types of Roller Bearings

While there are thousands of types of roller bearings and ball bearings in Fall River to choose from, by far the three most popular types include: cylindrical, spherical, and tapered. Cylindrical roller bearings use cylinders as the rolling element, providing a larger contact area on the inner and outer rings. They are most often used when a high load capacity and high performance is required. Spherical roller bearings feature two rings instead of one, including two sets of rollers in the structure. The advantage to choosing a spherical roller bearing is in situations where misalignment is possible due to heavy radial or axial loads. It is also beneficial when heavy vibration is an issue.

Tapered roller bearings are one of the more complicated options available for Fall River industrial supply. They can come in a wide range of sizes and structures. Unlike most of the other types of heavy-duty bearings that we sell, in a tapered roller bearing the outer ring is called a “cup” and the inner ring is called a “cone,” due to their shape. There are four primary elements used to create these roller bearings, including the cup, the cone, tapered rollers, and a cage that is used to hold the tapered rollers in place. The design is perfect for supporting combined loads, such as dual acting vertical and horizontal forces.

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