Fall River Industrial Supply: Causes of Hydraulic Hose Failure

Hydraulic Hose Failure in Fall RiverA tiny little pin-hole sized leak in your hydraulic hoses and fittings can ultimately release enough high-pressure fluid to seriously injure a person, penetrating both their clothing and their skin. Hydraulic hose replacement and maintenance is a serious business. It must be done with precision and regularity to prevent workplace injuries. Unfortunately, in spite of training and safety warnings, many employees will ultimately ignore the safety issues surrounding the use of custom hoses in Fall River and become complacent. Sadly, this is when accidents usually occur.

Skin penetration is a rare side effect of poor maintenance and hydraulic hose replacement, but it can happen. The most common injuries in relation to hydraulic hose assemblies and equipment include slip-and-fall type accidents when leaked fluid is present. However, beyond these basic mishaps, other injuries can still occur. When hot hydraulic fluid sprays in a work area, employees can become burned, and additional injuries can happen if the lines begin the flail or whip around in the work area. Beyond these situations, some employees might become even more seriously injured if hydraulic fluid becomes injected into the skin during an accident.

Hydraulic Fluid Injection – This is a very serious medical situation. In fact, even more than burns from hot hydraulic fluid or injuries caused by whipping lines that come loose under pressure, a hydraulic fluid injection appears to be nothing, but medical care is urgently needed. It can be extremely painful and completely impact a person’s life. If you work around hydraulic hoses and fittings, take time to read about oil injection injuries so you will be prepared if anything happens at work.

Safety First and Always

In any industrial workplace, safety is important. However, whenever hydraulics systems are involved, diligent maintenance should be followed. Your system needs to be inspected, and hydraulic hose replacement is required on a regular basis. The best approach is proactive rather than reactive. Take charge of the situation and ensure that you have the hydraulic hoses and fittings you need from your local Fall River industrial supply. At Metro Industrial & Marine Supply, we keep a broad range of hoses, fittings, and assemblies in stock. However, we also provide top quality while-you-wait custom hoses in Fall River. If you know that you need a custom job to stay on top of hydraulic hose maintenance, make sure to place your order early and keep parts in stock.

Your maintenance schedule should include the checking of all hoses at your place of work on a set time frame. Monthly is recommended for most applications, but if you have a busy shop and your hydraulic equipment is used more frequently, you may want to increase that to weekly or every two weeks. Check the hoses to look for cracks, cuts, rubbing, abrasion marks, and any other signs of damage. Follow safety instructions carefully, such as never touching a pressurized hydraulic hose assembly with your body. Check all fittings as well to ensure that nothing is damaged. Failure of hydraulic hoses and fittings can cause great bodily harm and cause damage to surrounding equipment. Suspected leaks should be identified and located as soon as possible, and repairs should be made immediately. Use materials to check for leaks, such as placing a piece of cardboard, metal, or wood underneath the area to determine if it is an active leak.

Other things to look for when inspecting for hydraulic hose replacement include:

  • hoses or other parts rubbing against one another
  • improper pressure or temperature ratings for the working conditions that are regularly used or that can occur during spikes
  • poorly constructed hose assemblies – only purchase from trusted Fall River industrial supply
  • hoses that are bent too tight
  • hoses that are bent at the end near the fitting
  • hoses that are twisted around each other

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

The advantages associated with regularly inspecting and replacing hydraulic hoses and fittings are clear. Safety for workers and other nearby equipment, cost savings due to downtime, and the cost of emergency services associated with cleanup and hydraulic hose replacement. Your business has much to gain by adhering to a strict maintenance program and schedule. Preventive maintenance can help your equipment to be more efficient and increase its life expectancy. Build a relationship with your local industrial supply to get all of the custom hoses in Fall River that you need to regularly replace your hydraulic hose assemblies. In-shop maintenance is always better than emergency response.

Visit Metro Industrial & Marine Supply

If you rely on hydraulic equipment, make sure to visit Metro Industrial & Marine Supply. We can help you with custom hydraulic hoses and fittings, and we keep many standard assemblies in stock. We provide services to customers all over the South Coast region, including Fall River, New Bedford, and the Greater Boston area. Give us a call at 508-996-8400 to speak with one of our technicians or to place an order for Fall River industrial supply.