Custom Assemblies for Different Types of Hydraulic Equipment

Custom Hydraulic Hose AssemblyHydraulic hose assemblies are used across a wide range of industries. As a result, there are different materials, components, and connectors required for different types of hydraulic equipment. Construction, manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, and aerospace industries are just some of the various categories of industries that rely on Fall River hydraulic services. Care should be given when performing hydraulic hose replacement, to ensure that the materials chosen are correct for the equipment and application. Variances in temperature, environment, and fluid can greatly influence the type of materials you’ll need from your local hydraulic hose repair shop in Fall River.

High-Pressure Hydraulic Hose Applications

Hydraulics are used throughout the workplace at an airport, powering everything from loading systems to deicers and snowplows. The types of hydraulic equipment demand specific kinds of hose and components to ensure a proper fit and support for the required fluids. Braided and spiral EPDM hoses, as well as other high-pressure hoses, are used in a variety of ways to ensure safe operation of equipment. This is why it is so important to work with a service provider that can offer custom hydraulic hose assemblies with same-day service so you can make necessary replacements and repairs using the right materials.

Hydraulic hoses are a multi-layer construction. The inner tube must be specific to the type of fluid that will be used, including petroleum-based or phosphate ester-based fluids and other specific media. The next layer provides the strength and is typically made from braided or spiral steel; however, synthetic braids can also use used, depending on the requirements of the equipment. For local Fall River hydraulic services, you will also need to know the type of outer layer for proper hydraulic hose replacement. This outer layer protects everything on the inside from external abrasives, temperatures, and chemical contact.

The more information you can provide about size, temperature, application, media, and pressure to our hydraulic hose repair shop near Fall River, the easier it will be to match your specifications. Use our online Build-A-Hose order form or contact our office directly by phone.

The Effect of Pressure on Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

When selecting the right materials for different types of hydraulic equipment, the effects of pressure on the finished assembly must be considered. The diameter of the hose is essential to ensure that the pressure drop remains in check and the layering of the braids in the middle layer can also affect the rigidity of the hose. Ask about the bend-radius of your hydraulic hose replacement, especially if you know that you require a short bend-radius hose for your equipment. The pressure rating of the hydraulic hose is a reflection of the type of construction used for the hose and the number of braided layers for added support. The more you can learn about these specifications for your industrial equipment, the easier it will be to get the right replacement hose.

Specialty hose can be created through custom services, such as the service we provide at Metro Industrial & Marine Supply. Equipment that works with extreme heat or unusual fluids is a bit more complicated than your garden variety hydraulic hose replacement scenario. However, experienced technicians can work with you to determine your specific needs based on the type of work that you do, where you do it, the media that is used, and the type of equipment that you are using. Certain materials can become corroded, depending on the type of fluid that is used. That could cause serious problems for the equipment itself, as the flow of media would become hindered by the corrosive materials.

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