Commercial Marine Supply in New Bedford: Maintenance & Repairs

Marine Supply in New Bedford, MAOne of the most essential features of any commercial fishing vessel is dependable equipment that has the ability to perform effectively in any condition. The key is to find a supplier in the local area that can help you stay on top of regular maintenance and repairs to reduce downtime. Metro Industrial & Marine Supply New Bedford provides our customers with quality parts and components for marine maintenance and repairs. We work with a variety of customers, both individual boat owners, and commercial fishing boats. We have earned a solid reputation in the region for stocking a broad array of parts and products for New Bedford commercial fishing gear.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Commercial fishing boats use many different methods designed to catch specific species effectively and to avoid catching others. Trolling with multiple lines, trawling with large nets, the use of poles and lines, as well as traps and pots. The equipment that you need depends on what you are trying to catch. Some equipment is universal for basic marine maintenance and repairs. When you come to Metro Industrial & Marine Supply New Bedford, you can count on us to have the parts, products, and components you need to take care of your commercial fishing vessel. From engine repairs to painting the hull, the maintenance that you provide will not only extend the life of your fishing boat but will create a safer and more productive environment.

Proper vessel maintenance is key to the success of any commercial fishing organization. It can also help you to save money by reducing the number of expensive emergency repairs and maximize your time out on the water. A long-term maintenance plan that relies on quality parts and service will help commercial fishermen to get more done without having to dock their vessel during peak fishing seasons. Scheduling maintenance also works to ensure that you get in and done with it without any delays. Depending on the services that you need to have done, waiting too late in the season might mean having to wait in a long line just to receive maintenance work. Visit Metro Industrial & Marine Supply to see our full line of products for marine maintenance and repairs.

The Best Time for Maintenance

Obviously, the best time to schedule maintenance is during the off-season when you can afford to dry dock your vessel. Try to give yourself as much time between the scheduled maintenance and the fishing season, just in case there are weather delays. A year with heavy snowfall and multiple Nor’easters can set back inspectors and maintenance providers for commercial fishing boats even at indoor facilities. If you want to get your vessel out to sea on time, make sure you give yourself enough time to get the work done and a little bit of extra wiggle room just in case you need it.

If you have other work being done on your boat, make sure to schedule it accordingly as well. Upgrades or significant retrofitting needs to be done at times to keep older fishing vessels at sea. You might not need to purchase a new boat if you can make smart updates to New Bedford commercial fishing gear and rigging that will help you to be more effective and efficient. Regardless of the construction of commercial fishing boats, proper maintenance of the exterior coatings is very important and must be inspected and maintained regularly. Wood, steel, fiberglass, and aluminum alike will all need marine maintenance and repairs at some point.

What We Carry

At Metro Industrial & Marine Supply, we provide our customers with such an extensive stock of marine supply in New Bedford, that it’s too long to list it all here. From batteries and chargers to bearings, compressors, and gauges, you will find everything you need for commercial fishing boats and private vessels at our store. We even carry a wide variety of New Bedford commercial fishing supplies. Need a specialty part? If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it. If it doesn’t exist, we can provide exclusive design, fabrication, and repair of all types of equipment.

Give us a call at 508-996-8400 and speak with one of our team members. Our marine supply department is proud to provide quality parts and products to commercial boats and fisheries throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts region and beyond. While we serve many different industries at Metro Industrial & Marine Supply, we are really well-known for marine supply in New Bedford and beyond. Ask about our shipping options for out-of-state and international customers.